Blind story

Blind story


Since becoming blind at age 10, “my greatest fear has always been to be h o m e l e s s living on the streets” After a job opport un it y fell through, Pat used his $1,054 monthly disability payments to stay part of the month in a cheap motel and the rest of the month couch surfing from one person’s house to another. Even with a regular disability income, it was overwhelming for Pat to find a somewhat affordable housing unit. All that changed when Pat came to Northwest Pilot Project and met with Housing Specialist Celine

Find and move into a studio apartment

“She helped me find and move into a studio apartment downtown where I will live while I wait on subsidized housing to become available.” Since moving into this stable housing in 2015, Pat’s verdure has improved and the daily stress of not knowing whether he might end up outside has been relieved. Pat is currently paying 55% of his income in rent and utilities. When his name finally comes up for a subsidized apartment he will begin paying 30% of his income in rent and utilities; saving him nearly $300 per month compared to what he pays now.

struggle to

It is still a struggle to make ends meet on a monthly basis for Pat. Pat often has to choose between competing financial priorities. Celine is currently working to refer Pat to a money manager who will help him pay his bills monthly and alleviate this stress for Pat. He is hoping to reach the top of the waiting list and move into permanent subsidized housing by his sixty-first birthday in May of 2019. Living downtown can be challenging, so for his own safety Pat doesn’t venture out at night or very far from his apartment alone. “I am so thankful for Celine and all the support and kindness she has given me, I have met a number of people in the community who also sing the praises of Northwest Pilot Project.”

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