Difficult it was to find a job

Difficult it was to find a job


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Marcia was in her mid50’s. when she found herself suddenly.

homeless after losing her job.

so her final empenne employment t extension ran out in 2014.

and Marcia was evicted from her apartment and moved into a homeless shelter.

She ended up staying in two different shelters for a complete of ten months.

Marcia searched tirelessly for full-time employment. With an extended .

successful history of stable employment, Marcia was stunned at how difficult it had been to seek out employment .

because She was either over-qualified or likely .

“With an extended and successful history of stable employment.

Marcia was stunned at how difficult it had been to seek out a job”. so encountered age discrimination.he stuck it out and took advantage. of each job.


In 2015, her name reached the highest
of the waitlist for NWPP’s Pathways Program. This program allows NWPP to subsidize the rent at a cheap apartment.

because while we work, and with our client on a thought to become and independent.

The plan might include applying for permanently subsidized housing;

or obtaining employment or benefits sufficient to stay within the
apartment and pay full rent. is provides ongoing case management to clients within the Pathways Program to assist them achieve their goals. Marcia was thrilled for the chance to maneuver out of shelter and into alittle studio through this program. Living in an apartment allowed Marcia to spend less time negotiating her temporary living arrangements, and longer that specialize in her employment training and job search.
Marcia recently obtained full time employment and is now ready to graduate from the Pathways Program.

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