How email marketing is beneficial for Startups

How email marketing is beneficial for Startups

There is a lot of debate around whether email marketing works or not. Here I have discussed how email marketing is beneficial for startups and why they should opt for bulk email services.

You don’t need a big Pocket
Marketing the product/service with social media or paid ads can be difficult for startups as it
will cost them a lot in hiring a marketing agency or in-house digital marketing team. Email
marketing is the cheapest option available if we compare it with any other digital marketing
medium. There are many bulk email service provider present in the market which let you send
10,000 emails for just $10. You may use your existing customer database with another
database if you are purchasing one for using them in email marketing. Just make sure you don’t
spam users by continually sending them irrelevant emails.

Email Marketing’s ROI is Better
Many big advertising agencies and email marketing companies have concluded in their analysis
that email marketing is able to bring higher ROI than any other marketing channel.

But it also has to be done in an appropriate way in order to gain that Return on Investment.
73% of millennials prefer email over anything for receiving business communication.
B2B email campaigns receive higher reach, opens and clicks.
Email marketing can be used to generate leads, increase traffic and brand awareness.
Because of the above reasons,

email marketing is able to yield a higher return on investment.

Top 6 Reasons Why Email Marketing is a Must Have for Small Businesses

You Have Full Control
In email marketing, if you have a good database that is gathered through your customers and

with efforts in collecting the email from users then you can yield great benefits from that database.

Be it social media or paid ads you will have to invest in to make your message reach
the user every time. But that is not with email marketing,

if you have a good IP and database
you can reach your user whenever you want. You can upsell them, send announcements of
new product launches and new season offers. You will not need to spend every time to send
your message to the same user you have reached before.

Increases Brand Recall Value
Due to Gmail’s strict email filtration,

it has became difficult to make your email reach to the
users inbox. Brands whose emails successfully reach to the inbox are able to increase their
brand recall value in their audience’s mind. Though it’s difficult to make your emails land in the
inbox, if you are able to do so,

people are gonna know know your brand and would result in
building a strong brand in the market. What is your email content, words you are using in the
subject and how is your IP’s reputation all this contributes to weather your email will reach the
inbox or not.

Useful Part of The Funnel
Emails can play an important role in making your prospect reach the end of the funnel.
Startups can use the emails they are receiving from form submissions to send them offers or
announcement emails. This can lead to increase in sales and eventually higher return on
investment on your email marketing efforts. Emails marketing can be a useful resource for B2B
companies to convert their prospects as people have a serious buying or action taking intnet
when they are using their email service provider.

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