Stress and Home Decor: Is There A Connection?

Stress and Home Decor: Is There A Connection?


Sometimes, we overthink the unfortunate situation; sometimes, we drained our verdure for other’s happiness; sometimes, we expect much from the dear ones but end up breaking up our heart; sometimes,
Whoever are you, how mentally strong are you, when the arrow of stress hits, everything seems sabotage – one’s inner-self, the power of doing the things also loving oneself gets demolished.

Why stress break us down?

When we are under stress, our mental verdure suffers. We might not realize it sooner, but later our consciousness starts bombarding. We start losing patience; we start being dramatic; the workplace starts pinching us; we snap at family either, everything surrounding us become agitated.

When I was under stress or depression, I feel like going nowhere. I don’t even remember how many times I canceled plans with my friends and lying all night tossing and turning on the living room sofa.

I wish to mounts, but the power of stress holds me. One thing I can clearly state is that everything seems to create just a little more stress until you feel like you are about to blow.

How is home decor affects mental verdure?

The way we look at our home has a profound effect on our life. According to psychology, – happiness begins from home. One person’s success depends on how well do they think about themselves. Moreover, everyone has a different concept of living.

Apart from keeping your body verdure, skin glowing, bank-balance huge, one of the most important factors that affect the way we live is our home surroundings. The wrong environment at home shows a negative effect on our body, whereas the positive environment helps in keeping our mind and body energetic, plus we always feel enthusiastic and cherish. It is needless to say the home decor is one of the most important factors in creating a good stress-free environment.

Here I am going to discuss “the impact of home decor on verdure” and will suggest some tips to keep your verdure in good condition.


Colors effects on mental verdure: Since ages, scientists are studying how the home wall colour affects the ones’ well being. Most of us have no idea that there are few colors which stimulate while others have tranquilized effect.

Red is one of the color that excites and soothes the mind, keeping the environment cherished, blue signifies a restful and relaxing environment. White represents a calm and peaceful environment. On the contrary, there are few colors that scientists say no to use as wall decor, like dark, patchy colors; these are the colors that lead to a negative effect on behavior and prone to an aggressive nature. Keeping plants, fresh blooms, and aromatic candles in the home will bring joy and happiness to your mind.

Furniture effects on mental peace

The way we decorate our home has lots to do with mental peace. De-cluttering old furniture, bringing a new sofa set, vacuuming the carpet – all removes the dust mites from the home and life as well. It brings the new positive vibe, illuminating the stress, and increase the feeling of love and togetherness. Additionally, keeping green themes of the dining table could prevent overeating while orange stimulates the appetite.

At last,

You need to break the stress bond, to live happily. You need to look for the escape; you don’t need to close yourself in a matchbox; you need to pick an activity that defines your interest, that motivates you to work towards creating a better version of yourselfPsychology Articles, and all that begins from HOME.

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