Why the MLS cannot afford a player like Gareth Bale next season

Why the MLS cannot afford a player like Gareth Bale next season


Gareth Bale recently praised the MLS following which the Welshman has been linked with a move to American league in the summer.

But it will not be easy for clubs in the States to take in such a big superstar right now.

Gareth Bale is easily one of the biggest superstars in world football and the player could be on his way to the MLS during the next transfer window.

Real Madrid

The player made a move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 from Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur but he’s never been able to hit it off in Spain.

playing mostly second fiddle to Cristiano Ronaldo. And to make matters worse, over the past couple of seasons.

he’s had a real scuffle with Zidane Zidane and the problems had reached a point where Gareth Bale even admitted that he was “more excited” while playing for his country than Real Madrid.

out of the Bernabeu

Now while talking about the MLS, the 30-year-old has praised the American league hinting at a possible move out of the Bernabeu.

“I really like the league, it’s grown so much over the years.

“I think it’s a league that’s on the up and still rising. I think a lot more players want to come over to America now and play.”

Can the MLS afford a player like Gareth Bale?
In December of last year.

*Bale’s agent had admitted he was not too happy at Real Madrid but will remain at the club since he has a deal there. Jonathan Barnett said:

“He’s not ecstatic. And now him praising the MLS has all the signs of a possible summer transfer out of the La Liga.


Gareth Bale has two years left on his current deal at Real Madrid;

meaning Perez could very well try and cash in on him at the end of this season.

But we think, he’ll not be heading to the MLS simply cause the American teams;

cannot afford to pay his current wages.

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